"The Selection" via Sunnyside Road, Calamia

Big bush block on the coastal fringe



Property Size


Immerse yourself in 334 acres of Australian coastal bush with this large acreage at Calamia on the road to Minnie Water and Wooli beaches.
Long held by the one family, the block has a history of selective logging and firewood cutting, with large unexplored areas running down to a frontage with the Coldstream River.
There is also pockets of rainforest species amongst the varied landscapes which include sandy swamp areas and drier ridges.
The property does have fencing but it is by no means stock proof. Work and money would need to be spent before this becomes a safe place to carry your herd.
Access is via Sunnyside Road but the road would need to be upgraded prior to successfully gaining a dwelling eligibility from the Clarence Valley Council.
Cheap bush blocks of this size are few and far between on the East Coast and if this is the type of bush privacy and serenity you are chasing, then please contact our office to arrange an inspection.

Lot & DP info: 32,51//DP751358, 3,4//1206692.
Size: 135.43 Ha (334.51 acres) approx.


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